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Dogs of all ages can be trained by humans of all ages with patience, repetition and consistency and I'm here to show you how.

I became a trainer to teach people how to translate our language to something our dogs can understand. Do you ever wonder why your dog looks at you like you have three heads when you talk to her? Its because she doesn't speak English or Spanish or any other language we speak. She speaks dog. Scent, sight and sound are what your dog uses to communicate. We have to train them the meaning of each word, just like we would train a baby. I also became a trainer to educate parents and children on bite prevention. Most bite victims are children between the ages of 4 and 9. That is why it's very important to teach your children dog safety. Don't let them hug dogs, dogs don't really like it. Don't allow them to approach strange dogs. If they want to pet a dog, they have to ask your permission and the dog owners permission first. Then YOU pet the dog first!! It's better for you to get your hand bit than for your child to get it's face bit.   . 

I got my certification in training shelter dogs to help the dogs in shelters find suitable loving homes and not get returned to the shelter. Most shelter dogs end up there because of behavioral issues that could have been prevented or corrected with time and consistency. The most important thing with finding a dog is letting the dog pick you. Yes, you need to bond with the dog but picking a dog because of what it looks like but that wants nothing to do with you will mostly result in you returning the dog. When going into a shelter go in with an open mind and open heart, meet the dogs and see what clicks. Am I saying to pick a breed you know nothing about, no, I'm saying when you choose a Pit Bull or Pit Mix because you did the research and found out that they were loving loyal dogs, let the shelter staff show you multiple dogs that they think would work well in your home. The staff works with these animals everyday and gets to know their quirks.

I got the pleasure of being at the Montgomery County SPCA when Amora, a long term resident who didn't like men, got adopted. The wife came in prior to meet Amora and fell in love with her. Due to Amora's dislike of men her husband was a big factor. They came back together and Amora sniffed him and immediately went into his space for affection.  In all the time at the shelter Amora never warmed up to any of the male volunteers or potential adopters yet she loved him. She choose them and is now living happily with a family who loves her. These adopters came in open minded and didn't base their choice on the cutest dog in the building but on the connection that they made that first meeting!

I train with positive reinforcement methods whenever possible, but recognize the need to alter my techniques to fit different dogs in different situations. I also use my Siberian Husky Tikanni to help me asses and work with the dogs. I am versed in all types of training tools including a head collar, a martingale collar, prong collar, harness and slip lead. 

From finding a puppy that's right for you to solving the behavioral issues that arise down the road, Out of the Dog House Dog Training can help you with it all.

Call or email me with any questions you may have. Phone consultations are always free and shelter pets are 10% off with proof of adoption!


Gina Kline

ABC Certified Dog Trainer and Shelter Dog Trainer

Certified Veterinary Assistant



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